How to Avoid Towing and Auto Repair Scammers

A towing operator is basically a rescuer who lends a helping hand when your vehicle breaks down on the road, or you had some serious road accident. Therefore, towing services are an invaluable and essential business that serves the general public. Nevertheless, there are some scam towing companies with serious unethical and illegitimate practices that would worsen your situation and make you end up with a terrible towing experience.

The purpose of this article is to properly educate you on how to avoid and protect yourself against companies with such unscrupulous acts because we understand the importance of being well acquainted about the kinds of towing scams.

  • Most dishonest towing companies would directly tow the damaged vehicle to their shop so they can get paid for that, instead of towing it to a vehicle repair shop.
  • Some towing operators would park your vehicle on a private property and not release it until you pay the inflating service charge.
  • A common scam involves an unauthorized person with a false company name and papers getting you convinced with sweet talks about how they can get your damaged car to their repair shop. You’ll most likely never see your car again.

Preventive measures to take….

  • Confirm the documents of the company you are hiring: we recommend you confirm all essential documents such as the insurance papers, license and other papers that would guarantee the credibility of such a company.
  • Sign a contract agreement: sign an agreement that includes all the details of the company, i.e., total service cost, number of required operators for the job, the type of towing vehicle to be used etc. This way, the company can’t slap you with unforeseen charges and won’t even be able to scam you.
  • Stay away from body shop referrals: only creepy towing companies would refer you to a particular vehicle repair shop or a body shop. So, it is advisable to stay away from such companies. It is better to get referrals from a family, friend or check reviews online.

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